Open Play FAQs

How does it work?

See above. :-)

How do I prepay?

Each week, a new link will be emailed to folks on our DCPVL Email List. That link will enable you to sign up for the next week’s upcoming Open Play. If you don’t have a DCPVL LeagueApps account, you will need to create an account with them (one time only).

Does everyone have a unique link?

No. Every week, the link is different. But everyone receives the same link to register/pay.

Am I guaranteed to play?

Yes, if you register and prepay, you are guaranteed to play.

Can I simply show up and play?

It is recommended to register and prepay ($10) for the session, to guarantee your spot. We will not accept more than 48 players, to ensure players don’t have to sit and wait too long to play. If you choose to show up without registering, and there is space left, you can pay in person ($10) and sign a waiver form.

I am not playing in the Competitive League. Can I still attend the Open Play sessions?

Yes. Anyone can attend Open Play. Make sure you are on the DCPVL Email List, so you receive the weekly email with the unique link.

Can I attend the Skill Development sessions if I am not registered for Open Play?

Yes. Anyone can attend the Skill Development session, and there is no cost or registration required. People who stick around for Open Play must have registered and paid.

Can my team play together during Open Play? 

Teams will be formed semi-randomly, roughly distributing the skill levels so there’s no dominating team.

Will the 2 courts be divided by skill level?

Yes. Players of all skill levels will self assess and play on the court on which they are most comfortable.

If I arrive late, will I still be allowed to play?

Yes, provided you have paid and signed the waiver, and that the 48 player maximum hasn’t been reached. You will be directed to a team.