Pool Play

Entire Tournament

The following applies to both Saturday’s Pool Play and Sunday’s Double Elimination.

  • All Pool Play matches take place on Saturday. And all Double Elimination matches are played on Sunday.
  • All current NAGVA rules are in effect. For a complete list, refer to NAGVA’s Rules and Regulations and NAGVA Up-Ref Study Guide.
  • Molten brand volleyballs are used for this tournament.

Pool Play

Match Format

During pool play, teams will play:

  • 4 matches
  • Each match consists of two sets to 25 points, win by 2, capped at 27
  • Each set starts at a score of 4
  • A set cannot end in a tie. One additional point is played to determine the winner if the match time expires and the score is tied


Pool play matches on all courts begin and end at the same time; they are timed by a central clock and last 40 minutes, including a 5-minute warm-up.

  • 0 min: Horn signals start of 5-minute warm-up.
  • 5 min: Horn signals beginning of match.
  • 38 min: Horn signals 2 minutes are left to play current match. No time-outs may be taken after this point, but substitutions are allowed.
  • 40 min: Horn signals end of current match, and start of 5-minute warm up for next match.
  • If play is in progress when the 40-min horn sounds, the point is played until the ball is dead.


Forfeits will be strictly enforced according to NAGVA / USAV rules.

  • A playing team forfeits the first set in a match if they are not complete (6 players) at the match start (i.e. the 5-min horn).
  • Time-outs may be used at the set start to avoid team delay penalties.
  • After forfeiting the first set, 10 minutes are allowed before the 2nd set is forfeit.
  • The 2nd set begins immediately if the team is complete within the 10-minute period.
  • If the assigned officiating team is not present when a match is scheduled to begin, they will forfeit the first set of their next match, including Double Elimination rounds.

Officiating Responsibilities and Fees

Teams should have at least one certified R1 (up-ref) and one certified scorekeeper. See the NAGVA Documents section for certification details.

Teams that do not have a certified R1 (up-ref) and a certified scorekeeper will be charged the following fees:

  • $30 for a certified R1 (per match)
  • $30 for a certified scorekeeper (per match)
  • These fees will also be in effect for any elimination rounds your team is required to officiate, when you cannot supply a certified R1 (up-ref) to work as the R2 (down-ref), and/or a certified scorekeeper.


The following formula shall be used to establish the seedings following pool play:

  1. Win/loss record (in the event of a tie, go to #2)
  2. Points Earned divided by (Points Earned + Points Earned by Opponents) = Standings Percentage
    The higher the percentage, the higher the ranking. (in the event of a tie, go to #3)
  3. Coin toss

Pool Play Schedule

The pool play schedule is posted here.