2nd Annual Winter Snowball Tournament Results

Congratulations to our Winter Snowball Tournament Winners!

DC Pride Volleyball would like to extend a huge Thank you to all the participants of the 2nd Annual 2022 Winter Snowball Tournament. The tournament had 87 players who played on 10 teams from all four divisions of DCPVL. The Snowball Tournament promotes and encourages fellowships amongst members in different divisions across the league. 

“I enjoy the Snowball Tournament because it allows for players from all divisions to compete with one another, it encourages skill-building, and finally because of the fellowship” Andrew Ignacio (Div #2 Player), captain of the winning team, shares about his favorite part of the tournament.

When asked, why is it important for DCPVL to promote cross-divisional play, Mel Aguete (Div #4 Player) shared; “It creates self-awareness of each player who participated about their progress. It teaches all players respect and sportsmanship beyond their capability. Most of all, it enhances our skills and helps us concentrate on which skills we need to improve on.”

A huge thank you to Lauren and the other Board members who volunteered to make the tournament a success. We look forward to hosting the 3rd Annual Winter Snowball Tournament next year. See you there!

Check out this year’s Winter Snowball Tournament
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Thank you to DCPVL Member Shurron Farmer for capturing the memories.