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Stay in the know with the “Weekly Dig” (Dig). The Dig is DCPVL’s newsletter. During season play the Dig is sent weekly and during the off-season, it is possible that it is released bi-weekly.

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Weekly Dig Newsletter (Organized from newest to oldest)

05/27/2022Vol 12 No. 28Last Call for Board NominationsClick Here
05/25/2022Vol 12 No. 27Season 12 Division Champs, Annual Membership Meeting, DC Black Pride, and More!!!Click
05/13/2022Vol 12 No. 26We Want You! Call for Nominations to serve on the Board!Click Here
05/10/2022Vol 12 No. 25New Home!! Who This?Click Here
05/03/2022Vol 12 No. 24Season 12 Final Standings, Playoff Schedule & Details!Click Here
04/27/2022Vol 12 No. 23Click ME for everything DCPVL!Click Here
04/25/2022Vol 12 No. 22DCPVL Season 12 Week 6 Standings, Week 7 Schedule, Team Photos!Click Here
04/18/2022Vol 12 No. 21DCPVL Season 12 Week 5 Standings, Week 6 Schedule, Mid-Season Social!Click Here
04/13/2022Vol 12 No. 20Sponsor of the Week, New Player Mixer, and more inside!Click Here
04/08/2022Vol 12 No. 19DCPVL Season 12 Week 4 Standings, Week 5 Schedule, and more!Click Here
04/05/2022Vol 12 No. 18DCPVL Season 12 Week 3 Standings, Week 4 Schedule, and more!Click Here
03/27/2022Vol 12 No. 17Sponsor of the Week, Skills Clinic & Open Play, and more inside!Click Here
03/26/2022Vol 12 No. 16DCPVL Season 12 Week 2 Standings, Week 3 Schedule, and more!Click Here
03/20/2022Vol 12 No. 15Season 12 Week 1 Standings, Week 2 Schedule, and more!Click Here
03/19/2022Vol 12 No. 14Spring Fling, Referee Clinic, and more inside!Click Here
03/17/2022Vol 12 No. 13Spring Fling Tournament is Back! Register Now!Click Here
03/14/2022Vol 12 No. 12Season 12 Teams and League SchedulesClick Here
03/13/2022Vol 12 No. 11Say hello, new logo!Click Here
03/11/2022Vol 12 No. 10Draft, Team Announcement Party, and more inside!Click Here
03/04/2022Vol 12 No. 9Skills Exhibition Night, Open Play, and much more inside!Click Here
02/26/2022Vol 12 No. 8DCPVL Weekly Dig Season 12 Updates/RemindersClick Here
02/21/2022Vol 12 No. 7Weekly Dig: Presidents Day EditionClick Here
02/18/2022Vol 12 No. 6Season 12 Registration is Officially Here!Click Here
02/15/2022Vol 12 No. 5DCPVL Weekly Dig; Season 12 Registration FormatClick Here
02/10/2022Vol 12 No. 4Season 12 Registration UpdateClick Here
02/07/2022Vol 12 No. 3Stay in the Know! DCPVL Weekly DigClick Here
01/31/2022Vol 12 No. 1DCPVL Weekly DigClick Here
01/04/2022N/ALast Call to Register for Snowball 2022!Click Here
12/21/2022N/ADCPVL Board Election ResultsClick Here
12/20/2021N/ALast Day to Vote in DCPVL Board ElectionsClick Here
12/15/2021N/ADCPVL Weekly EmailClick Here
12/07/2021N/ADCPVL’s Snowball Friendly Tournament is Back!Click Here
11/30/2021N/ADCPVL Off-Season EmailClick Here
11/22/2021N/AEnd of Season EmailClick Here
11/15/2021N/ADCPVL Weekly EmailClick Here
11/12/2021N/ACall for Nominations: DCPVL Board of Directors ElectionsClick Here
11/09/2021N/ADCPVL Weekly Email (Correct Playoff Referee Assignments)Click Here
11/08/2021N/ADCPVL Weekly EmailClick Here
11/05/2021N/ADCPVL Playoffs Fall 2021Click Here
11/02/2021N/ADCPVL Weekly EmailClick Here
10/22/2021N/ADCPVL Weekly EmailClick Here
10/15/2021N/ADCPVL Weekly EmailClick Here